Star Wars Continues

-By Blake Brown-

Hold onto your light sabers, the Star Wars movies are returning! The Walt Disney Company has bought Lucasfilm for over $4 billion to release the new Star Wars Episode VII. As of October 30th, it has been confirmed that the massively successful movie series is not dead. Under the direction of Kathleen Kennedy, the famous saga is going to be continued with a seventh film. Although Disney will be holding the reigns, the original creator of Star Wars, George Lucas, is staying on board as a creative consultant. The greatness of the first films will hopefully remain in the upcoming movie, and it is even being said that they are going to work on another additional two episodes, VIII and IX. The colossal news has fans all over buzzing. Eager and nervous, Star Wars buffs are anticipating the excitement to come. Some fans are angered and some fans are overjoyed, but one thing all people can be excited about is that the movie will have an original plot based on the same lovable characters. The film, however, will not be based on the books. Thankfully, episodes VII, VIII, and IX are more than drawn out attempts to get money since having three trilogies was the plan all along. May the force be with Disney, the future of Star Wars is in its hands now.



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